Dimilin 2L.

Still anti-pest and pro-pollination.

We all know how important pollination is to a healthy almond crop. Dimilin® 2L has a long history of compatibility with integrated pest management and pollinator health in flowering crops.

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frequently asked questions

Should I be concerned that using Dimilin® 2L will harm bees?

No. Using Dimilin as directed, in a responsible and EPA-approved manner, eliminates targeted pests and does not harm bees.

What can I expect if I follow the recommended use rate in almonds?

When rate recommendations and label guidelines are followed, target pests are eliminated, bees are not harmed and the environment is protected as required by California and federal law. Years of ongoing research, including field research, provides a sound rationale for use recommendations.

How important is field research?

Field research is an important part of understanding real-world results. Laboratory experiments can exaggerate toxicity ratings since they cannot replicate actual field conditions.

I recently heard about a study suggesting Dimilin 2L should not be sprayed at bloom. Is it safe?

Yes. The recommended use rate for Dimilin 2L is 12 - 16 oz. per acre. In comparison, the recent indoor lab study in question applied 2½ gallons per acre, force-feeding the bees and endangering them to an unrealistic degree that does not exist in a real-world, field environment.

What are the findings of other studies?

More than 25 studies support the assertion that Dimilin 2L does not impact brood development. Due to the critical nature of pollination to a healthy almond crop, Chemtura AgroSolutions, the manufacturer of Dimilin 2L, invites The Ohio State University or any other reputable research institution to conduct appropriate field research.

Are there additional steps I could take to safeguard bees?

As with any product, follow best management practices and label guidelines. Best management practices provide proven steps to limit contact with bees, such as:

  • Apply control products during nonforaging periods, such as late afternoon and evening
  • Avoid direct contact with hives or pollinators during applications
  • Follow all label directions, including use-rate and timing of applications

Dimilin is a restricted use pesticide. Always read and follow label instructions.